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Hey, Rochester Seniors! Are you planning your future education, and what do you need to get there? Preparing yourself for college is more than just good grades; it’s taking every opportunity you can to launch yourself further. Additionally, it would help if you were thinking of any extra opportunities you can take to be a well-rounded pupil. But where can you find these opportunities? One place you can find ways to boost your academic journey is Rochester Community College! You might be thinking, “I haven’t graduated high school yet! Why would I go to college?!” The answer is possibilities! Rochester Community College offers a program designed just for high schoolers taking the initiative to further their education!

About Rochester Community and Technical College 

This junior college came to fruition with the help of Dr. Charles Mayo in 1915 and is the oldest public two-year college in Minnesota. In 1969 a vocational technical institute was formed that offered 15 programs to benefit their community. Eventually, they became one as Rochester Community and technical college and were established on July 1, 1996. Their 518-acre campus is full of history. It serves as a hub for the education and workforce developments for the region. They believe in providing students with quality and affordable learning opportunities to enrich their minds and lives and providing ample opportunities to support lifelong education and academic and technical fields. They strive to extend these enriching opportunities to high schoolers through their Concurrent Enrollment Program for students seeking higher education before graduating high school and applying to college! 

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Concurrent Enrollment Program 

Rochester Community and technical college offer a concurrent enrollment program. This program allows high school students to participate in college-credit-bearing courses. These courses are designed as a scalable model to bring high school students accelerated learning opportunities. College-approved high school teachers will teach these students at a low cost. This program allows students to gain exposure to higher education and academic challenges to help prepare for the future, all while staying in a supportive high school setting and earning transcripted college credit upon completion. 

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What Makes This Program Special 

While their Concurrent Program aligns with a secondary and post-secondary curriculum like other programs referred to as dual credit, dual enrollment, and college in the schools, this program is different. Concurrent enrollment partnerships differ from the dual program models because high School teachers instruct their college courses. This approach allows you to take on new academic challenges while remaining in a familiar atmosphere and boosting confidence.

High school graduate stands in a field wearing a graduation cap with '20 tassel Rochester community college

Rochester Community College

When participating in a Concurrent Enrollment Program, it can offer a lot of benefits for your college journey after high school. Talk to your parents or school counselor about enrolling in this academic program at Rochester Community College, so you can take the proper steps and start working towards your college credits before applying for one!

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