How Fillmore Central High School Seniors Can Prep for Graduation


High School Senior

Congratulations, you did it! The time has finally come; you are graduating from high school! With so many things to get done, it is crucial to stay organized to get everything done. Be sure to check out this Fillmore Central High School senior checklist so you don’t miss any important milestones during your amazing last year in high school.

Next Steps To Take As You Approach Graduation Day At Fillmore Central High School

Schedule Your Senior Photos

You will remember this special moment for the rest of your life. After all, you only graduate high school once. The first thing you must do is schedule an appointment with your photographer. Once you have your appointment, start gathering ideas; where do you want your pictures to be, what do you want to wear, what poses do you want to do, and are you considering any props or future college gear? Discussing this with your photographer in advance will help your photoshoot go smoothly, and you will get the best pictures you imagined.

Order Your Fillmore Central High School Yearbook

Everyone will want their senior yearbook, as these are the memories you will cherish for the rest of your life. It is crucial to get the deadline in advance and write it on your calendar so that you order your book on time. And of course, once you get your yearbook and you see your stunning senior portrait, you are going to make sure all of your best friends sign it so at your ten-year reunion, you can pull it out and remember all of the best times you had as a Fillmore Central High School senior.

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Order Cap And Gown

We all see the graduates in their graduation regalia looking studious and accomplished. That Fillmore Central High School graduate is now you! Ensure you get the order due dates and pick out the right color and sizes to order your gown and cap in time for your graduation. Be sure to order any special cords you may wear, such as honor society or honors, to be recognized and stand out while wearing your cap and gown.

Order Announcements

You will want to let everyone know about your graduation; whether you have family far away or are throwing a party, you need to create custom graduation announcements. Graduating from Fillmore Central High School is a big deal; you deserve recognition. You can make announcements through CVS or Walgreens photo station or order them online through Shutterfly or other photo or announcement sites. You can add your graduation photos from your graduation photo shoot!

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Plan Your Celebration

For a once in a lifetime experience of being a Fillmore Central High School graduate, you deserve a celebration. Whether you are having a party with friends or having a family get-together, there needs to be a graduation celebration all about you! Start talking to your family and friends about dates, ideas, themes, and begin planning. Remember, if your friends are graduating with you, you want to discuss different dates and times so you can avoid having parties simultaneously. Whether you want something small or something extravagant, your achievements are being celebrated and should be all about you!

Pick The Perfect Outfit

On your graduation day, you will want to have the perfect outfit to look your best. You will most likely be taking many pictures, so wear something neutral, as you will wear your cap and gown as well. Consider the graduation venue; if you are going to be graduating outside, you may want something lightweight and breathable, or if it is inside, that may also influence your options. Be mindful that you will be doing a lot of walking and standing, so wear comfortable shoes, so you do not have any mishaps when you cross the stage. Remember, this day is about you, so your outfit should reflect your personality, be comfortable, and look great!

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Fillmore Central High School 

Now that does not seem too bad, right?! Graduating high school is exciting, and you deserve to enjoy it! Congratulations, Fillmore Central High School senior, you did it! Now be sure you take advantage of every milestone during your final year, as this time only comes once in a lifetime; enjoy!

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