Mabel Canton High School Senior Gift Ideas That Keep On Giving


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Do you have a special Mabel Canton High School graduate in your life? Are you trying to find the PERFECT gift for them? Check out these excellent high school senior gifts for your graduate that they will absolutely love! 

5 Senior Gifts for Your Mabel Canton High School Graduate

College Gear

Every student wants to represent their school, and there is no better way than to wear your school’s gear. Every Mabel Canton High School graduate would be proud to represent their school with some college gear. Some ideas include a hat with the school logo, a sweatshirt (which tends to be a fan favorite for those chilly dorms), a backpack, or a lanyard for their school ID.

Graduates will also need college gear when they attend sporting events, as they will want to cheer for their school while wearing their school logo. You can find the best of the best college gear right at the college bookstore, so head over there to get the best gift for your graduate. 

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Comfy Clothes 

Those 8 AM morning classes can be a struggle, so Mabel Canton High School graduates would definitely appreciate some comfy clothes they can wear to class right after rolling out of bed. 

Whether your graduate is studying in the library, hanging out in the dorms, or heading to the gym, comfy clothes are necessary. If you are unsure of your graduate’s size or style, a gift card to Nike, Under Armor, Adidas, or Target will always be a guaranteed fit! 

Coffee Gift Cards

Taking a full course load, studying, working, doing campus activities, and maintaining a social life will drain anyone’s battery. Coffee always works as a pick-me-up and is a college student’s necessity. Whether you drink it to start the day, use it for a late afternoon pick-me-up, or drink it during a midnight study session, coffee will never go out of style. 

Getting your Mabel Canton High School graduate a gift card to Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or their favorite campus coffee spot will be the gift that just keeps on giving. 

High school senior crouches in a colorful flower garden mabel canton high school

Dorm Room Décor

Decorating a dorm room is so much fun as it is a fresh new start for your Mabel Canton High School graduate. Ask your graduates about their wish list items, such as wall décor, a shower caddy, new bedding and pillows, a mini fridge, or anything they need to make their dorm room perfect. You can get them a gift card to HomeGoods, Target, Hobby Lobby, Bed Bath and Beyond, or pick up all their favorites to remind them of home. 

Cash Money

Being a college student is hard, and sometimes balancing everything means that funds can be low. When in doubt, get your Mabel Canton High School graduate cash. You will know that it will be put to good use whether the graduate uses it on books, study snacks, going out with friends, or on some new college clothes. A graduate will appreciate this gift most of all. 

Another way to give money as a gift would be to set up a prepaid cash card for your graduate. You can add funds for holidays or anytime throughout the year, so you will give the gift that keeps giving! 

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Mabel Canton High School

Finding the perfect gift for that special Mabel Canton High School graduate can be challenging, but there are so many helpful and amazing things that they will absolutely love, so be sure to check out these fantastic graduation gifts today! 

Now that you are all prepped for graduation, it’s time for senior photos! I have been capturing high school seniors for many years and love it! So check out the blog links below for more featured grads and helpful tips for Minnesota seniors. Then let’s chat about your dream session!

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