The Ultimate Prep Guide to Your Mayo Senior High School Photos!


High School Senior

Congratulations, Mayo Senior High School seniors! The time has finally come. You made it! One of the most critical items on your checklist is to get those graduation photos done. After all, you only graduate high school once, so you want to remember this special time for a lifetime. Check out these awesome tips to make your graduation photo look the best! 

Ultimate Prep Guide for Your Mayo Senior High School Senior Photos

Represent YOU 

When it comes to your Mayo Senior High School senior portraits, you will want to do some preparation work. Research different locations, times of day, and poses that represent your style. Trying new ideas is great, but keep them authentic, as these photos will last a lifetime. You can use them as thank you cards, graduation announcements, or for your yearbook. Of course, your family will put them all over the house, so plan accordingly!

girl sits in a rustic stonework stairwell in a pink sweater mayo senior high school

What to Wear

To get the best possible senior pictures, you will follow a couple of guidelines to make your pictures perfectly you! When picking the perfect outfit, you will want to avoid any bright or neon colors. That can distract from the background, especially if you are doing your photoshoot outdoors. The best colors should be neutrals like gray, white, or other solid tones. You also want to ensure that your outfit is versatile for various angles and positions. For example, you want to ensure your outfit looks great in various poses. That way, you will feel confident standing, sitting, or kneeling. You may also want to consider having a variety of outfit changes that highlight different things about you. You may want formal wear, a fun outfit, and maybe a casual or sports-themed outfit. 

Do you want photos with your cap and gown? Make sure you have layers to wear your outfit with your cap, your gown open, or anything like that. When you bring your cap and gown, remember any special cords that you may have that represent academic achievements or organizations. You will also want to include that in your photoshoot. Just remember to be comfortable, and pick something that represents YOU! 

girl sits in jeans and a stripe knit sweater throwing fallen leaves all around her mayo senior high school


Props are a great way to make your Mayo Senior High School pictures stand out. Make sure you pick out what you want ahead of time to have everything ready to go when it comes time for your photoshoot. Let your photographer know your plans upfront, so they are prepared. It would help if you also had a bag with all your essentials, like extra makeup, a hairbrush or hair spray, jewelry, shoes, and everything you may need during your photoshoot to look your very best. You never want to be at your photoshoot and think, “ man, I wish I had brought this with me!” So be sure to prep and pack several days in advance, make a list, and check it twice, so you have everything you need. 

Girl stands against a rustic building wearing a pink sweater and jeans

Think About Your Extracurricular Activities

Think about your extracurricular activities like sports or clubs when planning your Mayo Senior High School photoshoot for your senior pictures. You may consider bringing your high school uniform with a basketball, football, or pom-poms. Other options include your favorite book or items representing your high school interests. For instance, a camera if you were on the yearbook committee or the instrument you played in the band. You want your photos to represent you and what you love most. 

girl sits in a classic muscle car wearing a letterman jacket mayo senior high school

Mayo Senior High School

With so many things to get done, you want to remember your Mayo Senior High School photoshoot. So be sure to check out all these tips to make your senior photos just as unforgettable as you are!!!!!

Now that you have everything you need for you session, it’s time to find your photographer! I love working with Minnestoa seniors and helping capture this monumental time in their lives. So check out more work from my portfolio and helpful tips in the blog links below. Then reach out today to chat about your senior session!

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