Tutors Rochester MN Committed To Reaching Academic Goals


High School Senior

As a senior, ensuring all your ducks are in a row regarding passing classes and preparing for exams is pretty important but overwhelming and stressful. My advice? Please don’t go through it alone! Take help where it’s available and launch yourself into success. These tutors in Rochester, MN will help you do just that, guiding you to meet your educational goals. 

3 Tutors in Rochester, MN Dedicated To Your Academic Success

LC Math Tutoring

Is your math just not adding up? Whether you need to refresh your skills before taking the ACT, or your math class is just moving too fast, and you want to stay caught up, LC Tutoring has the answers and can help you find them.

Lynnette has 13 years of IT experience and has been a math tutor for seven years. Furthermore, she enjoys helping students achieve new mathematical heights and being able to help them see their full potential. She has a graduate degree in mathematics, has tutored many students in algebra, trigonometry, and calculus, and has even taught calculus at Colorado State University.

From middle schoolers to high schoolers to adults, she can help you with any math setbacks. She offers private tutoring, homework help, test reviews, and college math guidance. Get your math in order and book your appointment with LC Math Tutoring today.

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Living Room Tutors

Jinglin Li, a Mayo High School junior at the time, founded Living Room Tutors in April 2020 when she saw how academics suffered with school closures and distance learning for her younger siblings. Before long, she recruited other student volunteers to help tutor via video conferencing.

Having students who are fresh in the new curriculums make tutoring easier. They help tutor and fill in the gaps for those light bulb moments for students K-12. They cover a variety of subjects and even provide resources to help you stay on course. Practice those skills and build upon them with their excellent online platform. You can be matched with your perfect tutor and have access to resources on their website.

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Huntington Helps

Providing students K-12 with quality tutoring since 2006, Huntington Helps strives to see each individual succeed, whether raising grades, passing upcoming tests or passing important exams. They stay up to date on all ACT and SAT changes and adjustments so they can better help prepare students for their goals. They have a team of highly educated, certified, and dedicated teachers to help boost your confidence and enhance your academic success.

When you pair with Huntington Helps for your tutoring needs, they will help assess your current level, problem areas, and your goal so they can create a tailored plan. The tutors help you thrive and reach your personal goals. Set up your tutoring for an online session or an in-person meeting to kickstart your success today.

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Tutors Rochester MN

These tutors in Rochester, MN offer various tutoring options to help with even the most challenging subjects or exams. A tutor’s help can better your education and future, truly an asset worth having. Set your academic goals, and meet them with the aid of these excellent tutors, each committed to furthering your success in school.

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