Colleges for Stewartville High School Students to Consider 


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Congratulations, Stewartville High School seniors! You have finally made it to the finish line, and now the fun begins—time to pick your ideal college. With so many degree programs and schools to choose from, it can be overwhelming at times, so it helps to have your choices narrowed down a bit. Be sure to check out the schools below to see if they are the perfect fit for you! 

3 Colleges for Stewartville High School Students to Explore Higher Education Options

Rochester Community and Technical College

Rochester Community and Technical College is proud to be the best of the best for six years in a row. Whether you are looking for part-time or full-time, this college offers a variety of degrees, including associates of the arts, associates of applied science, and various diplomas and certificates. 

Their largest programs include: 

  • liberal arts and sciences, 
  • nursing, 
  • health information technology, 
  • business, and 
  • accounting. 

They have some pretty unique programs as well, including: 

  • aviation pilot training, 
  • cancer registry management, 
  • veterinary technology, and 
  • so much more. 

There are also some great options to get involved on campus through sports such as baseball, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, and tons of other sports and activities. Student life offers a lot more than you would expect for a two-year college, including performing arts, fitness, clubs, and organizations, so there is definitely something that you can find that fits you best. 

Rochester Community and Technical College offers housing dedicated to students so you can be engaged in student living. They also have expert faculty and over 300 online classes, so check them out today! 

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Riverland Community College

For over 80 years, Riverland Community College has been a go-to choice for Stewartville High School students. Riverland Community College offers the best opportunities for students to attain their academic and career goals. 

They have many programs to choose from, including: 

  • accounting, 
  • nursing, 
  • art, 
  • criminal justice, 
  • esthetician studies, 
  • global studies, 
  • massage therapy, 
  • psychology, and 
  • so much more.

This school has many sports, including softball, soccer, basketball, baseball, and so much more. They also have tons of clubs and organizations that you can join and meet other students who are interested in the same hobbies that you are! 

With multiple locations and online classes, Riverland Community College offers options no matter what you are looking for. Hence, you should schedule an appointment with an admission counselor today to get started. 

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Minnesota State Community and Technical College

Minnesota State Community and Technical College has one goal: to create a success story for every student. Multiple campuses offer different programs and extracurricular activities that fit your overall academic and personal goals. 

Some of the programs offered at Minnesota State Community and Technical College include: 

  • accounting, 
  • administrative support, 
  • business, 
  • criminal justice, 
  • dental studies, 
  • cosmetology, 
  • graphic design, 
  • human resources, and 
  • so much more.

As a Stewartville High School student, there are many activities available. Minnesota State Community and Technical College has many clubs, such as the auto club, pride alliance, student government, volleyball, and activities that you can join and meet students just like you! 

Stewartville High School 

For all Stewartville High School seniors, these community colleges can be a great option once you graduate, so the next step is to start touring campuses and see all that they have to offer!

For more high school senior resources, check out the blog links below! Then, reach out to get your senior session on my calendar!

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